at Bordighera Valleys We extract the finest medical grade CBD, from Hemp plants Grown in Italy.
We use this to create perfectly balanced Full Spectrum medical grade CBD products, High in CBD and low in THC. distributed globally from a mountainside in italy

Grown in Italy Distributed globally...

All of our ingredients including the CBD in our product range ,is naturally grown & sustainable, grown with minimum impact to the environment.

We respect the local farmers seasons , and their unique micro climate.The farmers follow traditional farming methods so that their plants benefit from the sun baking the mineral rich and freshly irrigated valleys from the fresh melting snow from the Italian Alps.

Many farms have indoor outdoor growing facilities, it is the best way to protect the flower while its growing, and at the same time allowing the flowers to reach for the sun rays.

We do not purchase any artificial growing methods such as hydroponics and chemicals, therefore respecting one natural growth per year – in harmony with the seasons.

Italian grown , the finest natural Italian CBD made into the finest medical grade full spectrum CBD products

Just inland on the Italian Rivera you find the unique micro climate of the Liguria region.

This area, embraced with wild palm trees, owes its warm climate to the rock formations that have created a mountainous south facing amphitheatre. This protects the valleys from the cold winds from the North and the snow capped Alps.

This natural geographic formation has created a unique and wonderfully classic fertile land. For centuries this has been the home of famous botanists who have created strains of exotic flowers, and the more common strains of carnations and roses.

The land is uniquely fertile, mineral rich and a perfect environment for farms , down to the fresh water that runs from the Alps, and the minerals that vaporise from the Mediterranean sea and not forgetting the 300 plus days a year of sunshine.

Today, with a mix of traditional farming methods and proven modern Technology we source and produce the finest CBD products – grown in Italy , recognised internationally as some of the highest quality in the world.

Using these accumulated skills, we have now turned our hand to producing the world’s finest natural CBD products. Purchase directly from the source…

The finest quality medical grade CBD Oil.

Grown on the slopes of the beautiful Bordighera Valleys in the Liguria region of northern Italy.

fed exclusively on Maritime Alps meltwater and sunshine.

Grown in Italy, Distributed globally