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A Few Words About Us

A new collective of growers, producers, distributors and techs, bringing you the greatest quality CBD flower & CBD Oil direct from Italy.

CBD Flowers : Our Journey So Far

Our farm has been producing flowers for three generations.

The main production was that of roses until the early 2000s. Then an experimentation on innovative species began which involved plants originating from different parts of the world.

Over the years the cultivations of turmeric and globba originating in Thailand, anigozanthos and ptilotus originating from Australia, glorious and sandersonia originating from South Africa and high minor species have been introduced.

Today the company has focused on the production of flower turmeric, ptilotus exaltatus, ptilotus obovatus and historic and fragrant roses.

In the choice of crops that are still tested today, the environmental impact that they entail has always been taken into account and efforts have always been made to replace chemical products with natural substances.

In addition to chemicals, we have tried to reduce the need for water and all the vegetable waste is recycled and transformed into humus through the earthworm.

In this context the cultivation of food turmeric and light hemp has also begun, which thanks to the experience accumulated have been produced without the contribution of any chemical substance.

Specifically, for the cultivation of hemp, chemical fertilizers have been replaced by organic soil conditioners and earthworm humus (partly self-produced) and the following products have been used for pest control: for mites, predatory mite launches were performed and used rapeseed oil; for lepidopteran larvae different strains of bacillus thuringiensis were used;

For botrytis products based on pythium oligandrum, bacillus amyloquefaciens, bacillus subtilis were alternated; for rhizoctonia products based on trichoderma.
The strange names given above are nothing more than naturally occurring microorganisms which, being rivals or predators of harmful parasites, allow their control.