CBD Oil & Diabetes | One of the best natural remedies?

The estimated diabetes prevalence for adults between the ages of 20 and 79 worldwide for 2012 was 382 million. By 2035 it is expected to affect 592 million people.

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high.

Blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy. Sometimes your body doesn’t make enough — or any — insulin or doesn’t use insulin well. Glucose then stays in your blood and doesn’t reach your cells.

Over time, having too much glucose in your blood can cause a number of health problems.

Diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation.

Although diabetes has no cure, you can take steps to manage your diabetes and stay healthy.

There are two main types of diabetes:

Type 1 and Type 2. Both types of diabetes are chronic diseases that affect the way your body regulates blood sugar, or glucose.

Glucose is the fuel that feeds your body’s cells, but to enter your cells it needs a key. Insulin is that key.

People with type 1 diabetes don’t produce insulin. You can think of it as not having a key.

People with type 2 diabetes don’t respond to insulin as well as they should and later in the disease often don’t make enough insulin.

You can think of this as having a broken key.

What are the Symptoms of Diabetes?

Both types of diabetes, if not controlled, share many similar symptoms, including: frequent urination, feeling very thirsty and drinking a lot, feeling very hungry, feeling very fatigued, blurry vision & cuts or sores that don’t heal properly.

Besides these common symptoms, there are some unique symptoms for each type of diabetes.

For type 1 diabetes, the patient develops mood changes, irritability, and drastic weight loss.

In type 2 diabetes, however, the patient’s hands may tangle, or he or she may even experience numbness. Although many of the symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are similar, they present in very different ways.

Many people with type 2 diabetes won’t have symptoms for many years, whereas the symptoms of type 1 diabetes develop fast, typically over the course of several weeks. Its also been known that some people with type 2 diabetes have no symptoms at all and don’t discover their condition until complications develop.

Sugar is an issue with diabetes

What Causes Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and type 2 diabetes is a metabolic condition. The latter is a result of the body not being able to produce enough insulin and can be because of a person’s lifestyle, genetic condition or even environmental factors.

With type 1 diabetes the body’s immune system is responsible for fighting off foreign invaders, like harmful viruses and bacteria. People with type 1 diabetes, the immune system mistakes the body’s own healthy cells for foreign invaders. The immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. After these beta cells are destroyed, the body is unable to produce insulin.

On the other hand, people with type 2 diabetes have insulin resistance. The body still produces insulin, but it’s unable to use it effectively. Researchers aren’t sure why some people become insulin resistance and others don’t, but several lifestyle factors may contribute, including excess weight and inactivity.

Research on CBD and Diabetes

There has been both preliminary and advanced research on the effectiveness of CBD oil in the cure of the diabetes. Most of the results indicate that CBD oil is perfect for the prevention, management and treatment of diabetes. The research has involved the determination of the effectiveness by taking two sets of people: Those who use medication and those who do not.

Physicians and researchers argue that the human body has CBD receptors in almost every part of the body and most strategically, in the pancreas. Also, studies indicate that the CB1 receptors have links with the production of insulin and can also cure the common medical conditions related to diabetes. This type of medication has a lot of therapeutic benefits and can be used in the stabilization of sugars.

Research also indicates that apart from enhancing the production of insulin, CBD oil can be used to treat those who have already developed diabetes. In such cases, the medication is perfect for the various medical conditions associated with both types of diabetes. CBD oil also increases the rate of metabolism ensuring that calories are adequately burnt.


CBD oil is perfect for the prevention, management and treatment of diabetes.

CBD for Type 1 Diabetes Type 1 diabetes is caused by the immune system attacks beta cells. These beta cells are responsible for the production of insulin. CBD can prevent the cells from being destroyed. This maintains a normal metabolism in the body. Hence, Glucose tolerance is improved and inflammation of the pancreas reduced. CBD oil is also responsible for the regulation of the oxidative oil in the kidneys.

CBD for Type 2 Diabetes Insulin dysfunction causes type 2 diabetes. Insulin produced by the pancreas is not enough for metabolisms. The receptor cell in the pancreases enhances the activation of CB1 which in turn increases the production of insulin. The result of this is the regulation of blood sugar and the lowering of insulin resistance.

Besides, CBD oil increases the rate of metabolism, and this implies that if for instance a patient has type 2 diabetes and he or she becomes obese, CBD oil can be used to ensure that the patient regains the original weight or at least loss of weight. Type 2 diabetes may be severe, and the patient may begin to feel pain after some time. CBD oil can, however, be used not only to lower the pain but also to ensure that there is proper blood flow within the vessels.

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CBD Oil for Diabetes: Conclusion

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world today and majority of the people do not, however, notice that they have developed the disease until it is in its late stages. In such cases, the effects are adverse. CBD oil, according to research, does not only help prevent but can also be beneficial to those who have the disease, including other related conditions that may develop as a result of the disease.

Based on studies and research as well as experiences from CBD users, evidence indicates that CBD has more therapeutic benefits compared to other common treatments which may cause more side effects. Drug therapy is associated with both chronic short term and long term health conditions. Instead of treating Diabetes, the patient may only be making the situation quite more complex. CBD oil is revolutionary, and a breakthrough in Diabetes treatment. Although this is not a guaranteed cure for diabetes, thousands of patients are using it on a daily basis and experiencing outstanding outcomes.