The Queen of CBD , Cannatonic is the single most effective strain of medical cannabis available today

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Commonly used to threat pain, muscle spasms, stress, anxiety, migraines and phycological issues

A hybrid from a famous Spanish bloodline, the botanist carefully bred this flower specifically for its low THC and high CBD content, this sativa gives you a mood enhancing happy uplifting feeling at the same time when your tired a nice mellow high for total relaxation. Literally the world is just a better place with Cannatonic in the air.

The smell is floral based with hints of lemon and a sweet pepper with the unforgettable underlying distinct memory  of the clean but fruity , light yet heavy, tantalising  aroma of fresh organic medical marijuana.

Many growers of the world are constantly changing their strains, chasing the new hyped names and varieties. We have chosen to stick to our favourite strains, and finesse our techniques and growing mediums to suit. Such is the way of the Italian farmer. We are sure you will agree, work with what you know and continue to strive for incremental improvements.

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