CBD Oil produced by hand, delivered direct to you - from the foothills of italian mountains

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CBD Oil is blatantly not all the same. Why is there such a price variation among the hundreds of brands and suppliers that you come across, when sourcing CBD Oil particular to your needs?

The unfortunate fact is this; the majority of Oils on the market to day are processed from industrial hemp, grown by farmers on a huge scale. In the main, these farmers have switched over from a ‘normal’ agricultural crop such as maize or beets, and are using exactly the same methods that they used in producing a mass market crop for a mass market audience. (This is not meant to disrespect farmers and the essential job they do, but more to show the differences in production)

Bordighera Valleys Farm is different. Good Different.

Firstly, horticulturalists have been growing flowers on this mountainside in Italy for 40 years. We are experts in hand tending each individual plant to get the very best from them. There are no machines involved in the growing process. The seedling is placed in the soil by hand, tended to maturity and then harvested. 

Secondly, no chemical fertilisers or  insecticides are used on our Farm. chemical fertilisers have been replaced by organic soil conditioners and earthworm humus (partly self-produced). For pest control, predatory mites, lepidopteran larvae & bacillus thuringiensis were used. (This will be explored in much more detail in an upcoming blog, published February 2020)

Put your trust in the traditional plant husbandry techniques of Italian farmers. Let us deliver a CBD Oil to you that you can rely on to deliver the cannabinoids you want to consume on a daily basis.

We have CBD oil in 10% and 20% versions

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10%, 20%

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